Super happy to finish P2 of the Autopolis300km!

Hard work payed off and this podium feels good for the entire REAL_RACING team!


大変な努力が報われ、この表彰台はREAL RACINGチーム全体にとって良い気分です!

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after stopping twice at the pit stop is not bad if we consider that many of the cars stopped only once.

If I had to resume the weekend with bullet points, the first one would be about the speed.

P1 at the free practice and Pole Position following the qualifying sessions showed that the rhythm was good and the performance of the #Honda #NSXGT was at the .

Sunday, we started the race with the same strong speed but the difficulties came with the changing conditions.

The rain was on and off and I started my stint with slicks.

That was a mistake.

This is why I had to stop a second time to put tyres for the rain.

Then, we had two safety cars. At the second one I couldn’t get the best start.

I stayed stuck behind the cars wearing slicks and lost time.

It was 20s between the first position and our 6th position and not a lot of laps left.

I fought really hard and came back at 3s of the lead.

It was not enough unfortunately to get the victory… In a way, I am a bit disappointed because we were so close to the victory!

But this is part of the game and we will go for it again in SUGO for the 7th round of the season!


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